Tips for Prom

Tips for Prom

Make sure your prom goes smoothly with some valuable advice!

Prom is one of the most exciting events that high school has to offer, so wouldn’t you want to make sure your night is memorable and enjoyable until the very end? Of course, prom is meant to be an event where you can let loose and have fun, but there are some important things you might want to consider taking note of in order to make sure your night goes perfectly. Here are 6 tips to make sure you have the best prom experience you can!

  1. Be safe, don’t drink and drive

This might be a serious topic to start off the list, but it’s important to address the elephant in the room. The legal age of drinking is 21, so technically no students should be planning on drinking in the first place, but since prom is the biggest celebration at the end of the year some students might want to go all out in the wrong way. Drinking as a teenager is a recipe for disaster, as you can get drunk, get into a motor vehicle crash, and make reckless decisions that may hurt yourself or others as alcohol impairs your capacity to make safe choices. With all that being said, no pre-gaming, no drinking during prom (you’ll get kicked out), and no drinking after prom. Honestly, don’t drink alcohol in general. You’re basically still a kid. Wait until you’re 21.


  1. Be Organized

Everyone’s plan will look different, but the more you want to do, the more you’ll have to work to make sure everything’s going accordingly. Whether you’re going to prom as a group or with your prom date, make sure everyone’s on the same page about meeting up, important times, taking pictures, making purchases, and other things you’ll need to account for. Without the necessary planning made, stress and confusion may arise, so make sure to communicate and maintain organization so the night goes smoothly.

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  1. Plan out your look

With prom just around the corner, I’m going to assume you all have your outfits if you’re going (If not, what are you doing?? Hurry up and get it before it’s too late or else you’ll have to wear some mediocre outfit from the back of your closet.), but do you know what else you’re going to add to your look? Think about how you’re going to style your hair, if there’s any specific accessories you want to wear, or if you’re going to book any appointments for nails, make up, hair, or anything else. This is your moment to shine, so look the way you want to look! Also, don’t worry about whether others will like the way you look. What’s important is that YOU like how you look and feel, nothing else comes before that. 


  1. Don’t wear super high heels if you’re not used to them!!

I know this is really specific, but I personally have heard plenty of high heel horror stories from last year. From aching feet, to tripping, to even broken heels, it’s important to ensure that if you’re wearing heels that you’re comfortable with them. If high heels aren’t your cup of tea, consider wearing a shoe with not so much heel, or wear some flats instead.


  1. Capture memories but stay in the present

Prom is a night to remember, so of course people are going to take photos if they can to cherish the memories. However, if you’re going to be on your phone during prom, please don’t play Genshin Impact or scroll on TikTok. Sure, being on your phone is fun, but prom is a once in a lifetime experience. Be in the moment and live it up as much as you can! You’ll be glad you did when you see that you can fondly recall the best moments of your prom many years later. 


  1. Be positive for prom

Before you enter doors for the celebration of a lifetime, try to keep an open mind when your night begins. We can’t let small things ruin huge moments for us, and while it’s easy to hyperfixate on an annoyance, it would suck to have your entire prom be infected with bad thoughts. With that being said, don’t be sad that you were a couple minutes late, don’t worry about if a girl has the same dress as you, don’t start a staring contest with your archnemesis across from the dance floor, and don’t be negative about little things. If something embarrassing happens, don’t dwell on it too much, people probably won’t remember it years later. If you look for the good in things, it’ll be easier to see it, so look for the good in prom and you’re sure to have an amazing time.

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