What to do While Bored During Finals

What to do While Bored During Finals

Picture this: It’s finals, you just finished a grueling test, and you let out a deep sigh of relief to let everyone around you know that you’re slightly better than them for finishing first. You slam your completed paper on the teacher’s desk and triumphantly sit back down at your seat. But then you make a horrible realization: There’s still an hour and a half left in the period, and you have nothing to do. Well fear not, because I’m just about to go over the best ways to keep yourself occupied during your boring time in finals.

#1: Sudoku – The worse you are at this game, the better it is because it wastes more time. Your teacher might set out Sudoku puzzles to use, but you could also make your own puzzle with a blank sheet of paper, which is probably as much of a challenge as solving one.

#2: Read – If you’re not worried about looking like a huge nerd (sorry) then this is probably the easiest and best solution for you. I’m gonna assume you have some kind of book, but if you don’t, you could check one out from the library. Your teachers might also have News Torches set out somewhere (Definitely not biased). If none of those work for you, hopefully you enjoy reading textbooks.

#3: Solitaire – This one can be kind of distracting for others around you, so maybe check with your teacher before doing this. It also requires a deck of cards, which hopefully you keep on you at all times just in case. Just set up your draw pile and tableau and you’re good to go. If you have no idea how to play Solitaire, then you can look at this article.

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#4: Word Ladder – It’s really easy and kinda fun if you’re desperate for something to do. All you need to do is pick two opposite words with the same amount of letters, like “love” and “hate”. Then, starting at one of the words, try to change it to the other word changing one letter at a time. For example, cold to warm: COLD > CORD > CARD > WORM > WARM.

#5: Study for other finals – In terms of helpfulness, this is probably your best option. Sure, it’s not exactly a fun way to spend your time, but if you have a particularly big final coming up then this is the way to go. 

Hopefully these will give you some ideas to break boredom during finals week. Study (or Solitaire) hard and good luck!

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