Romantic Movies for Valentines Day

Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

Here is a list of 11 romantic movies that are sure to make your heart skip a beat!

I’ve never really been the person to seek out romance genres when looking for a movie to watch, but with Valentine’s day coming up, I’ve decided to delve into the love stories on the big screen. I tried to make this list of romance movies as diverse as possible and have accumulated movies that are new and old, wholesome and tragic, live-action and animated, well-known and hidden gems, and more. I hope that you can find the meaning of love in one or more of any of these movies. Enjoy!

1. “Before Sunrise”

Through fate, two travelers on a train in Europe sit across from each other reading books and take notice of each other instantly. They talk until the man reaches his stop, and their connection abruptly ends there…except it didn’t. Jesse, an American tourist, asks French college student Celine if they can continue hanging out together before sunrise, where he’ll have to go on his plane ride back to America. She accepts, and they go on to explore Vienna while falling deeper and deeper in love with each other, all in just a day. The movie is a masterpiece, not only from the gorgeous cinematography, but the authentic chemistry between the two lovers. They compliment each other’s personality, they constantly admire each other when the other one isn’t looking, they have playful and serious conversations alike, and each kiss they share feels magical. You’ll be watching this feeling like you’re actually watching a real couple roam through the streets of Austria, but it’s because of the key ingredient that makes the movie so special: most of the dialogue was improv, meaning the actors came up with it on the spot. It makes the love between the two feel so natural and beautiful. 

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If you end up finishing the movie still yearning for more, you’re in luck! This is the first movie that’s a part of a trilogy, with the second movie being “Before Sunset” and the third one being “Before Midnight”. 

2. “Weathering with You”

From the renowned studio CoMix Wave Films, brings a fantasy romance that doesn’t fail to capture beauty with its detailed fluid animation. The story takes place in a world where Japan has begun to face countless rainstorms every day back to back, with the danger that the country will begin to flood if the rain doesn’t cease. Runaway boy Hodaka Morishima meets a girl who has the power to make the rain go away, and through that their relationship blooms. Together, along with her little brother, they work to make the days sunnier for those of Tokyo who long to see the blue sky once more. However, as their relationship deepens, they discover the dark sacrifice our heroine Amano Hina will have to make if Tokyo is to escape the eventual flood it faces. 

From the intricately animated raindrops to the charming characters, it’s a beautiful will-they-or-won’t-they story as the protagonists must face nature head on in order to be together. Get ready to feel goosebumps when watching this one. 

3. “Casablanca”

A gripping Hollywood classic that will beat the hearts for those who love romance, drama, themes of war, or are just a fan of black & white movies. In French Morocco, many refugees wait years for their visas in order to fly to North America for safety from the Nazis taking over. Our protagonist is a seemingly heartless cafe owner who meets someone he never thought he’d meet again. He’s forced with the task to either help her and her husband escape, or to continue holding onto his heartbreak from the past. 

The movie is filled to the brim with suspense surrounding their mysterious love story and the treacherous events that ensue. It’s an iconic romantic movie that continues to stand strong in its beauty to this day. 

4. “Dance with Me”

Who knew that the magic of dance and music could bring out the beauty of a passionate love story? The movie follows Raphael (played by the famous Puerto Rican singer Chayanne), a man from Cuba who jumps on the opportunity to travel to America as long as he works to fix and bring to life a dance studio. Raphael is a natural at dancing from his culture, but discovers the world of professional dancing from the beautiful Ruby who is training for a competition in Las Vegas. They learn from each other and begin to fall in love to the rhythm of the latin beat. 

The movie is extremely vibrant and fun, with mesmerizing dances and energy all around. Lose yourself in the romance and fall in love with the couple’s sparkling chemistry for each other. 

5. “Kase-San and Morning Glories”

A slice of life romance between two high school girls. One is a girly shy gardener, the other is an outgoing tomboyish athlete. They learn to trudge the unknown waters of love between each other in and outside of school, as the daunting graduation date threatens to split the two as they might go their separate ways. It’s an adorable story full of sweet sappy moments along with beautiful romantic declarations of love, and the art style is really cute. If you’re looking for something pure and wholesome, give this one a watch! 

The movie is pretty short (58 minutes) so if you’re interested in seeing more you can check out the manga this story is based on. 

6. “Past Lives”

A touching melancholic love story that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It starts with childhood sweethearts Nora and Hae Song, where their puppy love quickly comes to an end when Nora abruptly emigrates from South Korea with her family. Because they still miss each other later on in life, they are able to reconnect and fall for each other once more. Despite so many changes over the course of twenty years, they will confront each other once more while revisiting feelings of destiny, the past, and what could have been if things had played out differently. 

The movie has beautiful scenic shots, a soothing gentle soundtrack, and an immersive atmosphere that really puts you into the world. 

7. “Princess Bride”

A classic love story is filled with adventure, comedy, medieval aesthetics, and the power of true love to fuel the power of the tale. The movie starts off in modern day, where a boy stays sick from home and finds that his Grandpa has visited him to read an old story. At first the boy isn’t amused, but once he gives in the actual love story begins. A farm boy is separated from his true love and must fight giants, vengeful swordsmen, clever masterminds, and an evil monarch that all wish to take his soulmate away from him. Will his love be forced to be the bride of a corrupt ruler, or will her and the farm boy have a happily ever after? 

It’s a sweet tale of loyalty that is fantastical and whimsical alike. To add to its already existing beauty, previous Torrance High teachers Mrs. Duvall and Mr. Duvall have said to always watch this movie together on their anniversary. I guess that really does prove that true love does exist!

8. “La La Land”

A colorful musical with an intricate story that follows an aspiring actress attempting to make it big in Hollywood who meets a jazz-lover piano man. They energetically fall for each other’s charm, but while both admire each other’s ambitions they realize it might get in the way of their relationship together as the paths towards their futures may have to split their relationship. 

It’s a fantastical vibrant work of art with beautiful upbeat dance numbers and brilliant music. The movie has the energy of the golden age of Hollywood making the movie even more mesmerizing. You’ll feel like you got transported to an entirely different world through this film. This movie will make you feel alive and crash you to tears with it’s touching monumental ending.

9. “Everything, Everything”

Madeline is a girl who has never gone outside for almost her entire life because if she were to, she would probably die. Her illness keeps her confined within her home until a boy moves in next door and everything, EVERYTHING begins to change. It’s a sweet love story with a glass window separating the two of them, but it won’t stay that way for long as Madeline will soon take a chance and realize that even though she’s alive, she hasn’t really been living her life. 

This is a tale full of angst, intimacy, and true love, along with an unexpected heart-wrenching twist near the end. It also has a diverse cast of characters, and a well renowned book that it was adapted by.

10. “She’s All That”

A hilarious piece of 90s romance treasure that was filmed at Torrance High school! The storyline starts with Zack, one of the most popular and smartest guys at school, getting dumped by his girlfriend because of a fling she had over spring break. He finds himself 6 weeks to prom single until his friend proposes a bet: Can he make any girl prom queen if he tries? Zack sees it as no big deal until his friend dares him to get Laney Boggs be prom queen, the unpopular artistic girl with a coldness that bites and a unibrow that’s unplucked. It starts off as Zack trying to get close to her and Laney (savagely) brushing him aside, but things start to really change when Zack begins to get to know Laney while Laney begins to grow a fondness for Zack. Will the two end up as prom king and queen and fall in love? Or will Laney find out that Zack only began to talk to her because she was a bet? 

While watching the movie you’ll find yourself thinking “Hey, I hang out there!” or “I walk there all the time!” as you catch the many glimpses of Torrance High throughout the movie. The front of the school, senior patio, B-building, the breezeway, and the C-building cafe are all shot in the movie. Why don’t you show some Tartar pride and check this movie out?

11. “Doukyuusei”

Hikaru is an aimless rambunctious guitar player who falls hard for the quiet boy at the top of his class. They begin to talk with each other when Hikaru notices Rihito trying to practice for the class song. They begin to meet during lunch and after school in order for Rihito to sing it right, and through that their relationship blooms. The movie is split into different seasons of the year, and as every season passes their relationship faces new tribulations and becomes deeper. Through their bond together, they change each other beautifully through the power of love.

The animation is very fluid and the art style is reminiscent of water color illustrations as well. You can also get some bonus content from this movie if you would like to see more from reading its manga “Doukyuusei”!

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