Thank You Teachers!


James Lopez, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end we thank and congratulate the teachers for all they have done for us this school year as it is teacher appreciation week! 

To thank them the PTA has set up food to give the teachers in the teacher’s lounge. “The food was brought together by donations from parents and the PTA,” according to  Debbie Kruisheer and Sheree Bradford, a member of the PTA. 

The teachers lounge is even decorated for the teachers when they go in there thanks to members of the PTA. It is decorated with all types of banners, foods, animals, and other miscellaneous items. 

The food that was brought for the teachers conclude of Mimi’s, Olive Garden, Ralph’s, CPK, BJ’s, MB Grill, North Italia, Islands, Lazy Dog, Rizzo’s, Benihana, Stonefire Grill, 85°C Bakery Cafe, Starbucks, Local Kitchen, and Jersey Mikes. 

“All the food places are thanks to the local restaurants in the area of Torrance,” said Sheree Bradford, member of the PTA. Sheree Bradford also said,” the catering will last from monday till thursday,” so teachers get your fill while it lasts.

Thanks to all of these local restaurants and thanks to the parents of the PTA Torrance High School can finally spoil our teachers for all of the hard work that they have put in for all of us!