Surf’s Up, Tartars!


Megan O'Brien, Entertainment Editor

With the end of winter so tantalizingly close, Torrance High embraced the clear weather to have Spring Fest, and later, after the sun went down, students gathered on the Upper Field for a showing of Teen Beach Movie. 

Spring Fest was “kinda chaotic, but we had a great time,” says sophomore Amelie Lopez, “it was a great way to bond and get to know people that you haven’t seen around campus.” 


Students were milling about, enjoying the treats and refreshments from the different booths. Some were carrying red solo cups with soda floats, courtesy of the Sophomore Class Council, some were sporting facepaint from KIWINS, and others were snacking on potatoes from the Scottish-Irish Culture Club or chocolate chip cookies from Baking for a Cause or edible cookie dough from FCCLA. 

As the sun began to set though, friends were found and blankets were laid out as a screen was set up for students to watch Teen Beach Movie

Though the air was chilling, students kept warm as they were huddled together under blankets and jackets. Cheers and applause erupted from the grass as the title screen came on and the movie began. 

Within minutes Tartars were singing along to the first song of the movie. “I kinda wish they played the sing along version,” Reese Lewis said after the fact,“but I know all the words so it was fine.”

The night grew colder and the sky got darker but spirits were still high among students as the movie pressed on. Tartars sang along to the songs they knew by heart, and at several points some began dancing. 

Finally, however, the last notes of “Surfs Up,” the last song of the movie played out and students broke out into cheers. “It was a good movie,” said Zachary Kramer, “it was actually my first time seeing it, but it was great.”

With blankets folded and belongings found, Tartars trudged off the grass and headed home, ready to collapse into bed and get ready for school the next day.