Top 30 Announced Tuesday


Jake Iovine, Writer

The students have spoken: the top 30 seniors have been voted in and announced this past Tuesday at lunch in the gym.

Before announcing the 30 seniors who were nominated, a quick battle of rock, paper, and scissors between seniors and sophomore, followed by juniors and freshman, commenced. Each grade level started out on one end of the gym, and tried to get to the other side while playing the game with each other.

The seniors beat the sophomores, and met the juniors in the final. At the end of it, the juniors won and took spirit points going into the all school rally on October 21st.

As the cheerleaders made a row in the center of the court, the top 30 seniors–15 boys and 15 girls–were read outloud to the students. Two by two they walked down the row and were congratulated among their peers.

The list will now be narrowed down from the 30 seniors to 10, then will be followed by the final two being the king and queen for the homecoming dance on Saturday, October 22nd. 



Andrew Hauber

Branden Kikuno

Brayden Sanchez

Forrest Falcone

Jayson Kaay

John Kruisheer

Kunaal Menon

Matthew Anaya

Nicholas Campbell

Nicholas Han

Parker Oyama

Ray Onodera

Russell Poro

Takuma Saito 

Thomas Adair



Allison Laurens

Amber Anderson

Autumn Brown

Chloe Desai

Emery Hanger

Erin Ro

Gia Perry

Hailey Momii

Julia Quinonez

Jyra Oliveros

Kami Morofuji

Logan Heuser

Sami Simon

Willow Reyes

Zoe Eastham