The School Year Heats Up


Caleb Fenton, Editor in Chief

Every year when all the students of Torrance High return back to school campus, they will all have different classrooms to go every period and meet friends on the way, but one thing that everyone has to deal with is the heat. No matter what building you go to, it will feel like the heat is following you, since no classrooms in Torrance High have any air conditioning units. 

If there is one question that echoes throughout the halls of Torrance High from students is why don’t any classrooms have any AC?

Torrance High’s site supervisor Mr. Johnson says that right now our old buildings do not have the necessary infrastructure to install air conditioning.

“There is nowhere to house the massive machinery that it takes to cool the buildings…our roofs are not designed to withstand the weight.” ”

— Mr. Johnson

You might think then, why can’t teachers just have a small personal ac that could fit in the window? But there are far more cons than pros to that solution due to the fact that they are expensive to purchase and to repair, they are loud, and according to Mr. Johnson “if we start plugging in these machines with all the Chromebooks, and air purifiers, and projectors, and everything else that teachers have in classrooms, the breakers will ‘trip’ and we would spend all day going to reset them.”

So the only way to really battle the heat is to use personal techniques. Some teachers bring in their personal fans while some students do the same but with handheld paper fans while they sit in their classrooms waiting to cool down.

In the end this is only a yearly issue, almost every year for the first weeks of school are usually the hottest of the school year. Just a quick reminder if it is extremely hot, stay hydrated, stay in shade, and try not to do too much activity outside!