The News Torch needs your help!


Jake Iovine

The Torrance High School News Torch, already entering a second century, is now entering a new era. 

Students, parents, alumni, and everybody associated with the school are now able to read their favorite News Torch stories anywhere at any time. Thanks to the new website found at , the news around school can be found online through any device.

The News Torch’s crew is currently run by five students, as well as the advisor, Stephen Love. Every day the crew is working nonstop to provide the best news for everybody around Torrance High, but we need help.

The News Torch is currently seeking more writers to help bring the stories of Torrance High to the world.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Stephen Love at [email protected] or come visit his room “TV Room 1” above the library.  

We look forward to seeing you here!